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Of Interest: The Web Services Wave

Have you noticed tech business is picking up lately? It seems real: we just doubled sales month over month at Panda USA; and last month TechTransform closed on funding for one of our projects.

This is a "stealth" project, meaning I can't tell you much, just yet - only that it's a wireless technology that will transform film and videogame production, with even greater impact in other areas. The investors came from the sector. I hope to be able to tell you more about this soon. Amazing stuff.

Our "convergence team" (meaning the convergence of technology and entertainment) has been working on this project since we did the business plan a year ago. I'd like to personally thank and congratulate team members Stefan Jacobs, Kevin O'Brien and Lynn Hirshfield! They have been working hard and brilliantly on this achievement.

Now a big part of the tech boom is the "networking of everything", and much of it comes is known as Web services. This innocent-sounding term will impact us all, and I've explored the good and the bad (from personal experience), in a new article called The Web Services Wave now posted at TechTransform.

On a personal note, Avis and I appreciate your many wishes on the passing of Avis' uncle, comedian and humanitarian Bob Hope. Bob lived a full life and had many more friends than anyone imagined.


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