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Of Interest: The Web Without The Wait

We at TechTransform are a virtual team, meeting only in noisy diners for mid-afternoon breakfasts. So we appreciate websites that are FAST, and really friendly to use.

That's why I like my friends at AdScience. They specialize in minimizing extra clicks and those deadly delays. They get awards for that. We get more time to go out for coffee.

These guys are so good they built a whole web-based software product from the ground up! Check out "Best Practice Now" from Itensil, an amazing system for sharing knowledge using a simple timeline format. And it lives on the web, and did I tell you it's FAST?

**The Riggs Connection Insider Offer**
AdScience will study your user experience (for your web site or software product) and make specific recommendations that you can use, with or without their help. Reply to this and I'll get you hooked up.

Article: Why Managed Networks?

What is this managed network thing, and why is it so different? In another article we discuss the details, this will introduce the concept. As always, I welcome your questions. Our program is about recruiting people who will refer business to us through e-commerce. They are commonly called affiliates. Amazon devised this program originally and they explain it well.

Why Managed Networks?

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