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Article: How Startups Fail

  • They deceive themselves as to what they have that is valuable in the market,
  • they hold onto an internally generated theory about their business model,
  • they don't test every assumption,
  • they don't look for other models,
  • they don't recognize the successes early on,
  • they don't triage multiple models down to one,
  • they don't execute on successes,

...and if they do any of the above, they don't do it fast enough.

Riggs Eckelberry

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Of Interest: Funding Returns to High Tech

I started to think things might be looking up when I saw Mark Skiba's Storactive negotiate a major new round. Now I'm sure - funding is returning to high tech. More on this here.

Forget the VCs for the moment - the action is in bridge loans and small angel rounds. How do I know? Because TechTransform's clients are all in rounds or discussions. Quite a change from a couple of months ago.

In fact, it's changed TechTransform from an intervention firm to an intervention firm that can get funding! Which, of course, has transformed TechTransform's business, but that's another story.

I do want to say this: the only thing that could hold you or your company back in this new wave would be... baggage. 'Nuff said, do what you need to do. Don't fail to power into this new wave.

Finally, as you can see, "Of Interest" is back - my occasional dispatch on matters I find interesting in the high tech world. You're on the list - do let me know if that's not OK. To unsubscribe, simply reply with "remove" in the subject line or body.

So, anyway, let me know how it's going with you in this new environment - and if you agree with me that funding really has started to come back. (Read Posted Feedback)


Article: Building Revenues in Today's Environment

As an early stage technology company, it's more important than ever before to gain early customers and revenues from your products.

Building Revenues in Today's Environment

Article: The End of a Long Bottom?

On August 14, we wrote that funding appeared to be returning to the venture marketplace. Here's what we thought.

The End of a Long Bottom?

Article: A Tech Investment Turnaround?

We are once again seeing funding opportunities in the high tech landscape, apparently predicting the end of a long drought... Lots of reader feedback to this one - check it out!

A Tech Investment Turnaround?

Article: Winners Investing in Technology

In an Information Week article on smart cards in retail, Patrick Gauthier, Visa U.S.A.'s senior VP of smart-card applications, said that tech-savvy retailers are taking advantage of the slower economy to leap-frog competitors.

"Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France by relentlessly attacking his opponent not on a long, flat run, but in the mountains," Gauthier says. "It's on the tough terrain that you see the difference between leaders and followers." Companies that invest in IT during tough times will emerge as leaders, he says.

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