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Of Interest: The Power Of Personalization

Astonishing. the following promotional message to fans of Massive Attack took this unknown artist to number NINE in Amazon sales rankings! That's a testimonial to Amazon's tremendous market power, but even more so, to the power of personalization.

I trust you're doing well in this new phase of the Internet. For my latest, please click on this link.

From: Amazon.com [mailto:music-store-news@amazon.com]
Wednesday, May 31, 2000 1:37 AM
Olive's "Trickle"

Dear Amazon Customer,

As somebody who's purchased music by the postmodern trip-hop artists Massive Attack in the past, you might like to know about the arrival of Olive's new album, "Trickle." Following the same blueprint of simmering beats and rhythmic intensity that Massive Attack often employs, Olive's approach is blissfully light, with slow-burning grooves and bright melodies. For the next few days, you can order your copy at a savings of 30% by clicking here.

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