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Of Interest: More On Diapers and Beer

The amazing thing about the high tech world is how small it is. Two of my correspondents had personal experience to add about this story... So here is the rest of it:

First, Peter Price:
"...last year we met the guy who along with his VP of Marketing invented the story for an advertising campaign when they were at NCR - he said it was the most successful campaign they ran!"

John Earle adds:
"I worked for Teradata and the man attributed with starting the myth. We had done a data discovery for Osco Drugs...looking for affinities between what items were purchased on a single ticket. Then we suggested tests for moving merchandise in the store to see how it affected affinities.

"...Our 'fearless'leader, Thom Blischok, when talking with prospects and the press, didn't distinguish between the actual affinities tested and our hypotheses. Our job was to sell the value of systems. Sometimes in selling, fact blurred with folklore.

"Anyhow, you can imagine our surprise when a company ran a full page add in the Wall Street Journal with a beer drinker in diapers to promote their data warehousing technology. We all laughed uncontrollably."

So, having completely exhausted this subject (I think), I wish you Happy Holidays and a great 1999!

Of Interest: Diapers and Beer Correlation

You may have heard the story about how someone figured out that both diapers and beer were being purchased in the same store visit, which caused the retailer to re-shelve them together... a win for data mining!

Only problem is, I've yet to SEE diapers and beer next to each other in stores, and, sure enough, here is the real story (thanks to Ed Rigdon for posting this to the Market-Electronic Research list):
Article Link
According to Rao, this old chestnut, about getting increased sales by merchandising diapers and beer together--a well-known story in the data mining field--is no more true than the story about subliminal Coca-Cola advertising increasing Coke sales at a New Jersey theatre.

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