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Of Interest: The Internet's Core Audience

OK, so we all know that the Internet is hot, but occasionally I get someone who wonders if it isn't still a bit marginal. The info below should at least make it clear that 20 million marginals DO rely on the Internet, and my experience is that, while Net users may be a minority in your audience, nonetheless they are the most open to
change of any of your current or prospective customers.

In other words, the 20 million people who rely on the Internet represent the hottest portion of your audience, whether or not your product or service is "Internet".

What this means is that the Internet is your best chance to achieve major change in your market share.

It also means that if you don't do it, somebody else will. Look at Barnes & Noble: still trying to play catch-up to little upstart Amazon.com... think they ever will?



FIND/SVP: The Internet is indispensable to 20 million US netizens
Aug 14 1997: A survey conducted by The Emerging Technologies Research Group has concluded that the Internet has become a crucial part of over twenty million US netizens' lives. 9.3 million of those surveyed have logged on in the past year but do not consider themselves regular users and nearly half of all users believe the Internet is difficult to use and confusing. Half of all regular users and 60 percent of email users go online every day. Online shopping has increased from 19 percent in 1985 to 27 percent this year [a third of these shoppers came from ad-clicks]. The amount of women online has trebled in two years to 9.9 million. 55 million US non-users plan to go online in the next year. The Internet accounts for 20 percent of total news intake for regular users and use of TV, Magazine and Radio has drastically decreased for those users.
This report comes to us courtesy of NUA Internet Surveys

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