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Of Interest: Trial Edition Success

Quarterdeck went from a "tease" version of CleanSweep95 to a full-featured trial edition in its latest version 3.0 ... and just went to #1 download on C|Net's Download.com.

Kudos to Elissa Murphy, Quarterdeck's Director of Product Management for Business Utilities!


Of Interest: Information vs. Advertising

This message was posted on the "online-ads" discussion group.

It documents the effectiveness on the net of offering valuable information vs. advertising-type offers.


Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 06:45:26 -0500
ONLINE-ADS>> Banner Content Makes a Big Difference

We use Link Exchange banners to announce our "Airline Fare Wars" mailing list, a majordomo list that provides free e-mail notification of airline
fare sales.

Since last November our banner rate has been 39 to 1.
Several weeks ago we changed the banner to announce "Rebates for Online Travel Bookings" and immediately our rate decreased to 110 to 1.

This shows that readers are more interested in receiving "information" than ads that announce how much money can be saved.


Dennis Anderson
Traveler's Net
Of Interest: Internet Advertising Study

Forwarded by Howard Sobel in W U G*B Y T E S, February 25, 1997, the implications of this story are stunning.

These business executives report that: "Although 49 percent said that specialty business-to-business trade magazines would garner the bulk of their increased marketing budget in 1997, a full 40 percent reported that the Internet would be their advertising medium of choice."

General interest magazines lagged far behind at 8.2%.


****National Survey: Business Executives Discovering Internet Advertising A new survey of 400 business executives conducted in February by Chaners Business Confidence Index (CBCI) shows that businesses have increased marketing dollar expenditures in Internet advertising up 5.2% since last year. Investment in internet advertising is increasing overall.

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