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Of Interest: Riggs at Panda SW

The whole family's great and we've moved a few blocks, still at the beach - look here for an aerial photo!

Did I tell you that I'm now running Spain's anti-virus software developer Panda Software, here in the USA?

I thought the anti-virus market was mature and not very interesting. Hah! Turns out virus protection drives a lot of business in these insecure times. I'd love to see how we could do something together .

And because you're on my list, the company wants you to have a free copy of its professional anti-virus and anti-snooping software, Platinum 7, one year's virus updates included. Just hit Reply and I will get you activated. Platinum's top-rated, too: see this latest review.

And TechTransform?

TechTransform is alive and well. We have three good projects with active teams running them, and I continue to help make them a success . As always, I am happy to help you or your project find new connections.

I'm also finding time to post new articles on the TechTransform website. Check out my front page report on Geoffrey Moore's new Provocation Selling seminar. Moore was all about hi-tech hypergrowth, so what's he got now? I'll send you the notes on request.

Coming soon: a Web services nightmare story, would you believe? Stay tuned...

And please - let me know how you're doing!


(links updated 14 March 2005)

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